Cappy + Barnes | Huntsville, Al Engagement Photographer

Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0031

It was the perfect summer evening when I met up with Barnes and Cappy in downtown Huntsville.  At the beginning of the shoot, the lovely couple told me they just wanted to smile and have a good time. I was delighted! I wanted something a little different for their Engagement Session as opposed to the typical downtown shoots.We made our way into the Constitution Village, climbed the ladder to the top of a building overlooking the Courthouse Square, and finally made our way to a patch of yellow flowers just under the interstate! Barnes and Cappy are set to marry in July of 2014. They are both so easy going, fun to be around, and obviously so in love!
I wish them all the happiness in the world!!

Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0052

Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0030 Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0029 Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0028Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0032

Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0033Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0034Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0035Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0036Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0037Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0038Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0039Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0040Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0041Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0042Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0043Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0044Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0045Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0046Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0047Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0048Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0049Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0051Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer_0050

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